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We are specialised in hardwood flooring and accessaries sourcing in China for customers from all over the world. We also provide third party inspection service.

We've been in hardwood flooring business for nearly 8 years. Hope our professional knowledge, language skill and factory network can help you ensure the quality and price, be more successful in trading with Chinese companies.

Our Advantages:

Professional in Chinese Hard Wood Flooring:
China has become one of the largest hard wood flooring production base in the world, there are hundreds even thousands of factories in China, with different scale, facility and quality. Since the market is not so mature, there is a lot of risks involved for overseas buyers to buy directly in China.

As a professional sourcing agent, FIF uses our own acknowledge and network to help you choose the right factory, the right product with the right price to save your time, money and avoid the risk of taking bad quality products.

We provide professional marketing suggestions and aim to establish long-term strategic partnership.

Professional quality control team:
Our Professional qualtiy control team stays at the factories to be responsible for quality control, new product development, shipment inspection. You never worry about the quality because we inspect all the products before every shipment.




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